Coolant Tool Systems

Models: The FXC-2V-700 is available in two sizes, 20 and 30 Gallon capacities. There are also three configurations, Volvo/Mack, CoolDrain (International and all other makes of truck utilizing the FluidXchange CoolDrain fitting), & New Flyer/Nova Bus. Each 2V-700 comes with a Retro-Fit/Air-Extraction Kit and a Hand Valve. The Retro-Fit/Air-Extraction Kit provides the most complete refill while the Hand Valve provides a way to dispense of old unusable coolant or draw new coolant from open containers into the tool for system refill.

20 Gal Coolant Extractor/Injector Systems:
List Price $2,770.00

Volvo/Mack FXC-2V-700 LV1
CoolDrain FXC-2V-700 LX1
New Flyer FXC-2V-700 NF1
Nova Bus FXC-2V-700 NB1


30 Gal Coolant Extractor/Injector Systems:
List Price $3,070.00

Volvo/Mack FXC-2V-700 LV2
CoolDrain FXC-2V-700 LX2
New Flyer FXC-2V-700 NF2
Nova Bus FXC-2V-700 NB2

New Flyer Bus Coolant Fitting

Dual Air-Pressure Coolant Service Tool:

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Options to Customize your Tool


FluidXchange has developed a new Tool to help minimize damage to your Vehicle’s Cooling System from OVER-PRESSURIZATION during the Fill Cycle.

This new Coolant Service Tool has a single shop-air input source but splits into a high-flow Extraction Vacuum and a low-pressure Coolant Injection. This ensures your Coolant System is never exposed to damaging high pressures.

These new benefits plus all the same great features of our Standard Coolant Service Tool. This new Tool can be configured in either 20 or 30 Gal Tank sizes and a variety of additional Tool features can be added.

Call today for more details and talk to us about your needs.

20-Gal Truck-Mount Coolant Service Tool:

List Price $2,870.00


All the same great features of the FXC-2V700 Coolant Service Tool but Remotely Mounted in your Fleet’s Service Truck! Provides for coolant service on your Fleet Vehicles in the field.

Special Mounting Brackets replace the wheels and allow for securely attaching the Tool to your Road Service Vehicle.

The Tool’s 25′ Service Hose is detachable and a Tool Cover is an available option.


Frieghtliner Starter-Kit:

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Includes 20 Gal. Tool with Air Extraction, Hand Valve, and on-board Pressure Regulator.
Starter-Kit also includes the Frieghtliner Surge-Tank Cap with Q/D Fitting and Drain Hose Adapter Kit for connecting to nipple-style drains (2 sizes)