2V-900 Oil Extractor

The 2v-900 Oil Extractor is a versatile tool used to extract the oil from an Engine utilizing a closed loop containment system.  The oil is contained within the Tool’s tank for easy transfer to Bulk Storage for later disposal.
The Tool will increase Employee safety, help protect the environment, and improve shop cleanliness. Click the photo for more information.

FXC-2V-900 20 Gal Oil Extractor:
List Price $2,769

  • Operates off standard Shop Air
  • No mechanical parts to service
  • Portable – Easy to Share
  • Easy manifold controls
  • Tank capacity: 20 Gal
  • Typical Service Time:
    • Cold Flow Rate: 2.5 Gal/min
    • Warm Flow Rate: 5 Gal/min
  • 8 Foot H/D Service Hose
  • Front Mounted Sight-Tube
  • Tool can be fitted to any style Q/D Connector
  • Used for Extraction, Storage & Disposal
Hand Valve provided to dispose of Used Oil in smaller Containers.