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Tool Systems

Tool Systems

Models: The FXC-2V-700 is available in two sizes, 18.5 and 30 Gallon capacities. There are also three configurations, Volvo/Mack, CoolDrain (International and all other makes of truck utilizing the FluidXchange CoolDrain fitting), & New Flyer/Nova Bus. Each 2V-700 comes with a Retro-Fit/Air-Extraction Kit and a Hand Valve. The Retro-Fit/Air-Extraction Kit provides the most complete refill while the Hand Valve provides a way to dispense of old unusable coolant or draw new coolant from open containers into the tool for system refill.

18 Gal Coolant Extractor/Injector Systems:
List Price $2,040.00

Volvo/Mack FXC-2V-700 LV1
CoolDrain FXC-2V-700 LX1
New Flyer/Nova Bus FXC-2V-700 NF1


30 Gal Coolant Extractor/Injector Systems:
List Price $2,340.00

Volvo/Mack FXC-2V-700 LV2
CoolDrain FXC-2V-700 LX2
New Flyer/Nova Bus FXC-2V-700 NF2

New Flyer / Nova Bus
Coolant Fitting


Frieghtliner Starter-Kit:

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Includes 18.5 Gal. Tool with Air Extraction, Hand Valve, and on-board Pressure Regulator.
Starter-Kit also includes the Frieghtliner Surge-Tank Cap with Q/D Fitting and Drain Hose Adapter Kit for connecting to nipple-style drains (2 sizes)


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